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    We offer CAR and MOTORCYCLE driving classes. Under our instructors eye classes are safe and various. Instructor will take you for a drive on streets and teach you how to behave in certain situations. They will make you feel confident and safe behind the wheel . W e also teach stick-shift driving.

    PolSport is licnsed, insured and will satisfie your requirements. PolSport works for you.

  • Teenagers Program - Teenagers program is it:
    • 30 hours of class - >> See Program
    • 6 hours of observation
    • 6 hours behind the wheel

  • Adult Program - Adult program is not definite
      because how meny hours you buy is depend for You. You pay ony for used hours, if You need 3 hours ou pay only for 3 h, but if you need 10 or more it is not problem. All depend for You.

    We teach three classes:

  • Car:    "D"
  • Motorcycle:       "M" i "L"

    All people on school get free learn material - Road rules in Illinois St.

    On 1st week you will get a permit.

Why PolSport?
    Our professional school of driving helpes to obtain driver's license to over 5,000 drivers per year! We have highly qualified instructors with many years of experiance. Our rates are low and we are flexible. Pick up is also avaliable, this way you do not have to worry about driving to us. PolSport always welcomes you with a smile!

How long are the lessons?
    Lesson lasts usually 1 to 2 hours, but this really depends on YOU.

What will I learn?
    Approach to vechicle, Basic vehicle control, Preparing to drive, Basic intersections alleys, Entering/Exiting traffic, Changing lanes and directions, Cornering, Traffic blending, Three parts of a turn backing up, Curves, Angle, Hill, Parallel and Stall parking Merging on and off freeway and more...

How much is a lesson?
    If you want know actual price, please contact Us: e-mail or phone - click here.
One lesson is a 60 minutes of car driving. There are also pre-paid packages avaliable.

Are there other fees or charges?
    No, there is no other charges or hidden costs.

What is the Refund Policy?
    Yes, if the instructor changes and you are not happy with it or if you purchased pre-paid package and did not use all lessons.

Permit - Documents what you need?

  • Social Security Card
  • Proof Of Birth - (Passport or State ID or Birth Certificate)
  • Proof Of The Residency (Envelope or Utillity Bill)
  • Blue Form Issued By The Driving School (Must be signed by the parent or guardian)
  • 20$ Secretary Of State Fee